UV 00 Merge Pole

I wanted to create something that was more layered than originally planned, and took inspiration from the earlier work of Pole GoPro Experiments. I also looked at the editing I did with UV [1, 2 and 3] Pole Merge to determine how I wished to go about this edit. With the camera used for this footage, it struggled to focus on the performer within the centre, so often comes across as blurry and out of focus. This unintended aspect of the video adds an extra hue and glow around the performers, giving a mystical and perhaps supernatural glow. This was added on top of the garish glow that you would occassionally see, because of the UV light which was positioned just to the side of the camera. On the other hand, all of the clips fitted well together and showed the full use of the space and manipulation of movement, specially within the camera frame.
The breathing within the audio matched well with the video, and surprisingly kept in time with it. The spoken word, however, came in suddenly and I felt that it almost ruined the tranquillity and serene moment that was being shown. To take the spoken word out and to leave the breathing and extra movement within the audio, would be an idea for another edit.

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