UV [1, 2 and 3] Pole Merge

I decided to take the UV 1, 2 & 3 series and edit them in three different ways, to determine what works best withe the Silent Light Pole Videos [UV] that was captured, which will later influence other editing techniques, especially when working with this, or similar footage.
Within UV 1, I used a slow merge between the clips, which gives the viewer a second perspective for some significant time throughout the video. This gradual transition allows you get used to the next clip, before the other disappears. It also allows the better parts of the videos to be shown, especially when the camera comes in and out of focus. One of the cameras also shows the UV might brighter, so this transition allows the white to calm down, and for people to have a break before moving on. I enjoyed the smooth transition of the video, as it kept it very calming, rather than rushing onto the next move, or the next piece of information.

Within the second set of videos, I decided to cut between the clips. I found that this was not as successful as the first as primarily the clips were of different qualities, but they were also at different heights, angles and distances to the pole, which made them difficult to work with and match. With the UV being brighter in one clip than the other, there is a large difference in brightness between the two, making the video vary garish, then very dark. From this editing experience, I can confirm that I preferred the slow transition between the two different camera angles.

Within the last of the UV series I decided to do a faster merge, to determine the middle ground between the two above edits. I found it was to be more successful than Merge UV 2, and contained many of the transition aspects that I preferred in Merge UV 1. I did find, however, that this was more ‘showcase’ than ‘art piece’, as the moves were clear and defined within the video, but the shorter transitions took away the smoothness, the juxtaposition of the camera angles, and the strange effects that were created.

Overall, I found this small exercise to be very useful and can confirm that I have a preference for the slower, more calming transitions within Merge UV 1. The quicker transitions lost the magical and intriguing layering that this video created, and almost rushed the viewer through the video.

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