Strobe Merge Pole

I decided to take some inspiration from Pole GoPro Experiments, and edit some of the videos together. Here I took Strobe DSCN and Strobe 00, which had the same routine, and cut the clips together to make a long stream of the two clips. The planning of this worked well, however the two cameras were at different angles, one camera was out of focus much of the time, and the other camera was facing two doorways and at a different angle to the first. In theory, it would have worked, but the execution of footage would need to be dramatically improved.
When adding audio, it was found that the audio did not match with the visual, and the difference in quality between clips and between the visual and audio was very distracting.
Although this was not entirely successful, I wanted to try to merge clips together from two different perspectives by using a different technique, and to try to find a merged or edited clip that would match with the audio better.

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