Sound Manipulation Light Pole

I felt that Silent Light Pole Videos [UV] and Silent Light Pole Videos [Strobe] both clearly and cleverly highlighted the aspect of manipulation of space and movement, however I wanted to see if they would continue to fit in with the theme on Feminism and Pole Performance. I therefore decided to take Feminist Poem 3 Audio, 4 Speakers, and manipulate this within the video.
I initially placed the audio within the video without editing, and found that it did not make sense with the strobe lighting. There was no link between the two and I found that I somewhat became bored of the clip quite quickly. It was also because you were unable to view the performance as a whole, leaving you clueless for much of the time. I did enjoy the aspect of the audio moving, crawling and running around, to be very energetic, and the juxtaposition with the smooth, calm and controlled movements on the pole.

I decided to add in the original speech for a second time, but with a UV clip instead. I thought that this may change my mind and may be a better fit with each other. Once again, there was no direct link between the two, however I found that it was a better accompaniment than above. Like above, there was a juxtaposition with the speed of the movement in the audio, versus the speed of the movement in the video. Although there was this difference, both the audio and the video were calm and parallel with each other. After looking further at the video, however, I believe that a further exaggeration of the moves, and holding some of them for a couple of seconds longer will emphasise both the juxtaposition and marriage of visual and audio.

For the third video, I decided to have a greater influence on the audio of this track. As you listen, there is a significant change to the speed of the audio, creating a larger juxtaposition between the visual and the audio. When watching the video, you also get the sense of a slowing in the performance. Especially when listening to the faster sections, after listening to the 50% speed parts, you gain the sensation that this is almost faster, even though the strobe and the performance is playing at the same speed. Some of the audio is edited in such a way that you struggle to hear what they are saying. If I were to manipulate the audio in this way again, I would ensure that you would be able to hear each component without a struggle with the visual aspect of the video.

Lastly, I added the breathing that can be heard at the beginning of the clip, into several locations of the audio, and altered its speed throughout. This is put in so that you would not notice it unless you had heard Feminist Poem 3 Audio, 4 Speakers many times, and knew what you were listening for. This does add an extra step of depth within the piece and manipulates the viewer into believing that there is perhaps another person, even though there is only one within the performance. This manipulation of the audio, gives a different outtake on the manipulation of movement and the space.

I enjoyed manipulating and altering the audio, which in itself changed the way that you see the video. Although for much of the time the audio did not match up with the visuals, especially when given no context or mention of myself on the pole, I found it to be a useful experiment to try and determine my next steps.

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