Silent Light Pole Videos [UV]

I wanted to manipulate the original UV videos that were displayed in Sound to Light. All of these had a backing of Feminist Poem 3 Audio, 4 Speakers, which I used for timings on the pole, and also partial set up of each performance. I cut the clips in order for them to only show the performance. I also deleted the sound within the video, which gives an eerie silence to each of them.
In the ’00’ videos, where the camera often could not focus on the subject [myself], it creates an extra glow around the main body. Also, specifically within these videos, you are able to see the UV glowing top and shorts, as well as my body performing the moves. There is something that unsettles me about this, as it is simply the glow from the clothing, and yet it allows you to concentrate on the movements of the body. Although I did not want viewers to see the body and the movement of the extremities within the first two videos, but it allows to you focus on the body, and not the small slice of daylight in the background.
Within the ‘DSCN’ videos, there is a clearer definition of the clothes versus the body. This is what I wanted to achieve within the clips of the performance. The focus of the camera allows the clothing to be seen, and nothing else, giving an appearance that they are moving of ‘their own accord’. The light of the clothing is also less garish, compared to the ’00’ clips where it is somewhat obtrusively bright. Within the third set of videos, in the third performance, I put scraps of white material around my wrist, arm, ankle and foot, creating four more objects for the UV light to catch and for the audience, or viewers to concentrate on. I feel like I preferred the last videos as it allowed the viewing of the movement of the extremities, which is a key aspect of pole and shows the manipulation of space better compared to the other two performances.

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