Samson Young

Samson Young often works with archival pieces, throwing politics, sarcasm with tenderness in with a mix of utopia and dystopia into audio artworks. Often these are site-specific works, along with installations and field works.
Themes around Young’s work look at war, identity and literature, while compiling or re-constructing interviews, songs and other aspects of sound that came from these time periods. There is also a large use of unexpected sounds, allowing him to push melodies formalist boundaries to create innovative cross-media experiences. These unexpected sounds include the ring of Gameboys, fanfare rides and Cantonese nursery rhymes.
Within each project, there is a heavy amount of research completed, and Young maps the endeavour through a series of drawings and recordings. While being a travelling landscape artist, as well as a sound artist, “Young sketches and records the sounds of each objects, to create a visual and auditory archive, which addresses the title of the work…” (EM)
I find Young’s work captivating, as he does not only record and utilise the sounds that are heard in day to day life, but also adapts his own sounds for each object he comes across in his journey. That level of dedication in his practice, and how he is able to hear sounds in objects, is somewhat fascinating.

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