Camille Norment

Norment’s work affects the body, and you often find that it has the ability to ‘allow one to loose oneself through the act of listening.’ There is sometimes no direct theme that connects her work, however Norment’s work crosses many disciplines, and explores interconnections between sound, myth, and also taboo and science. This is all wrapped within art and history.
In the work Prime, “visitors will enter the gallery filled with the sound of deep, resonant voices that form a re-lingual polyphonic composition contemplating experience in the contemporary state of the world. The texture of the voices is akin to a humming, a meditation, a moan, or a chant. Sitting on one of a series of benches, the voices’ vibrations are felt directly through the body – it is as though they are physically communicating with you, drawing you into their sonic and psychic sphere, evoking something primal, visceral, bodily and universal.” (Temple Bar Gallery)
Each of the works makes you stop and listen, even if you are looking out onto a busy street, the audio traps you to make you listen. If you do not understand the concept of the audio, it has still entranced you into its web of meaning.

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