Audio Preparation

I decided to complicate the audio of Video to Sound, and mix things up a bit with new Feminist Spoken Poems. I wanted to use a more sophisticated audio system, such that Evan Ifekoya, in order to further portray someone walking and dancing around a room.
To do this, I recorded several audio clips of dancing around a room, and also new audio of the Feminist Spoken Poems. While planning, I realised there were several combinations that the speakers could be played in. After Video to Sound and Untitled [Pole to Feminist Audio Movement], I found that the effect that I wanted to create, could not be made with only two speakers at diagonally opposite sides of the room. From here, I created several designs using four small speakers, however the set up can very much depend on the room that I will set this up in. I also want the set up to reflect the meaning of the piece, much like how Camille Norment produces her work – the sound traps you and you want to listen as the world wanders by.
Trying to figure out a pattern of movement was also difficult, as I would base the edit of the audio off of this. In the image below, I used a small square in order to get a general basis of how I want the audio to move in the room. I then matched this movement up with speakers, which were represented by a letter, which then gave me a pattern; ABCDACBDXCBAXD.

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