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I found that my work was becoming very pole dominated and wanted to step away from this in order to gain a perspective of what was working well within the pieces, and what wasn’t. I simply wanted to mix it up a little and I liked the sound aspect of my previous work so went on to explore sound only.
In order to do this, I was asked to do a parallel piece that was to look nothing like the pieces that I have just worked on. I decided to take the audio of the Pole Performance and Spoken Poem and make it so that someone is travelling around the room. I recorded myself running and dancing around a room with bare feet so then there would be the illusion of moving back and forth between the speakers. Paul Purgas was someone who inspired me to do something like this, as he uses the room and sound to create works.
I did not realise, however, that by having the recorder on the floor, it picked up the sounds even from across the room. It meant that in editing, I had to fade the noises in and out. The recording of the spoken poem also did not come out as anticipated, however I was also able to work around this in editing.
I found the effect that this piece created in the room eerie but powerful, as it was echoing, but it also made it slightly uncomfortable, such like in the pieces I was working on at the beginning of the year including Guitar Performance. I did not document this as I want it to be an ‘in the moment’ piece. It allowed me to be a little more adventurous when displaying as I used ANKER SoundCore’s, which are small black speakers, at the corners of the room. This allowed it to be discrete, which is something that the pole performance and the videos never were. I would like to work further with sound as it is an aspect that comes into a lot of my work, but I have often put it to one side and concentrated on the visual aspects.

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