Untitled [Floor Pole]

While I had the room to myself, I decided to video myself from a very traditional position. I used a tripod and camera pointing at the pole in order to video myself from this new angle, as previously I had only used the Go Pro and camera from above. I captured footage each time I was on the pole, and I quickly found that I repeated the same moves time and time again. A part of me thinks that this is because I was more comfortable doing these moves, however another part of me knows that I simply could not remember more moves.

The first edit I did included the breathing from Pole GoPro Experiments, which was exaggerated and showed the physical exertion that I take each time I go on the pole. Although I enjoyed this version, I felt that it wasn’t enough and that I had simply taken the concept of doing pole in a gym and put it in an art studio. This was not linked to the feminist and male gaze themes that I was looking into for my performance. This lead me to create a longer version of this, by spreading out the clips from each other. This makes the video long, with plenty of black spaces, however I am looking at displaying all three videos at once, and I don’t want all the videos to be quick. The length of the videos will also allow me to perform on the pole while these are playing.

The last edit I did included the Spoken Poem I created for the performance. This final edit I preferred because of its longer length and because the meaning is more prominent within it. I was a little annoyed, however, at the angle of the camera as you could see the wall plugs, wooden baton on the ceiling and the light. On the other hand, it was even more difficult to find an appropriate place for the camera, as this was the best place in such a small room.

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