Untitled Collection

Untitled [Floor Pole], Untitled [Top Pole], Untitled [Body Pole], Untitled [Mixed Pole] bought together the elements of pole in a fitness studio, as captured in Pole GoPro Experiments, and the element of my pole in the studio.
When finding an appropriate place to film from the floor, I found this challenging as I had to try and find a place where the sun wouldn’t glare, the door and the window could not be seen and maximum amount of the pole could be covered. The final positioning of the camera I was not 100% happy with, however I accepted it to be the best of the worst.

I found capturing the timings of these to be more difficult than when I was working with just two. During the editing, I often had the same audio on the clips in order to gain the same timings, and to bring them together as one video at the end. To display this, I would either display it on three separate screens, display the ‘mash up’ on one screen, or a performance with three projectors crossing over onto three walls. This is something that I look to experiment with.
I collected 22 different clips to edit with, all on the Go Pro, a camera near the floor, and a phone at the top of the pole. During editing, I will ensure that they are made into the same quality. This is so when showing the videos, there isn’t one that is of lower quality than the other two.

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