Untitled [Body Pole]

Once again, I captured some of the footage on a Go Pro. This was more difficult than I originally thought, and more difficult that when capturing footage for Untitled [Close Pole] & Untitled [Head Pole]. This is because I did not have the door blocked off with a curtain or any blackout material, which meant that the light from the corridor and the room opposite could be seen. There were also lots of occasions and deleted footage because someone was walking past, or you could see into the next room. Something that will nag at me as well is the view into the dark room next door, where a painting that is on the wall is obviously seen.

Within this edit, I once again used the breathing from Pole GoPro Experiments that was also used in Untitled [Floor Pole] and Untitled [Top Pole] to ensure synchronisation when playing. It was also to ensure that when editing, I had certain happenings at certain occasions, which would play out fully when all three videos were running on projectors. I wanted this to be longer in order to use it for the performance that I am planning.

Within this edit, I did find that there were extremely long gaps, however I felt like I had to accept this, as I did not want an overload of video when all three were playing at once. I did like some of the unique shots, especially when it seemed like my knees were coming towards the camera. I did believe that I could have done more editing to this in order for it to be more different, rather than just videos of pole that have been slightly altered with speed. I finally added Spoken Poem in the background in order to show it within my performance.

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