Anne Imhof

Anne Imhof creates an image that encompasses painting, installation art, sculpture, sound and performance that tend to span several hours. Her performances are complex and are suggested to be intimate studies in movement, gesture and action. These are mostly silent, creating a serene atmosphere. This silence also allows you to notice how important physicality is to each and every performance. “With a clever deconstruction of conventional dancing, taking common gestures, slowing them down and breaking them into component parts, she has an innovative way of viewing the human body” (Sleek).
She often relies upon her performers to bring their own feelings towards the performance, creating a spontaneous event. The performances are often encased in thick fog, mingling the performers from whom they were. Phones are often used in her works by both the spectators, but also the performers. In Angst II the performers got their instructions live through SMS from Imhof, creating a spontaneous performance. When performers disperse in this space, it is sometimes difficult to determine who is the performer and who is the spectator. The objects that are used in the performances are later displayed.

“Imhof punctuates the story of gestures borrowed from ordinary life, the same as those of the negotiation in Deal, which she presented in 2015 at New York’s MoMA PS1, and in which the performers shared the stage with giant rabbits (in Basel it was a falcon). She also punctuates it with built elements of striking sculptural quality which recall, in both their originality and their oneiric potential, the objects created by Matthew Barney to complement the action of his films.” – Numero

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