Making a Pole

In order to move my project onto more sculptural-based mediums, I found that I needed to have the reminiscence of a performance, and one of the most simplest and cost-effective ways to do this, was to build my own pole. This was done using a scaffolding pole and feet, mounted onto both the ceiling and the floor.

There were some initial difficulties with using a scaffolding pole, such as that we had to make sure that it was secure before use. The bolts were also too big for the holes on the feet for the ceiling and the floor, and thus they had to be re-drilled. When putting the pole up, it was difficult to slot it into place, as it was too much of a tight fit. This meant that the pole had to be cut down further by around a centimetre. This length made all the difference when slotting the pole into position, as it was more free to move around. The floor blots were also difficult to do up and tighten, however these have been managed now.
Although the pole is very dirty, I hope that when using it in performance and video, I am able to rub off some of the dirt, showing the area in which I grab the pole the most.

More recently, I have added a black blackout material to the window in order to project onto this space during a performance. This had to be stitched on the top left hand side due to a rip. It is currently sat on top of the radiator, in order for the room to stay warm.

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