Teresa Hubbard/Alexander Birchier

When watching this artist, instead of giving a description of their work, they gave a video of a series of their works. There was no explanation as to whether this was an explanation of their work, or whether this was an artwork.
There is a moment when you are stuck in limbo. This i the moment when you are between asleep, and awake, and between awake and asleep. 2 American police officers would be talking about this, and the one which would talk would change each video – there was a white man, a black woman, a white man and a black woman. The older gentleman who was a constant within this series sat and listened to this other officer, after thanking them for the coffee and stirring it.
This almost made me think that the other person is his conscious, as they always come into the scene with a coffee, two sugars and no cream, which begins the conversation. He only says ‘thanks’ throughout this in the same surroundings.
Dreams are often the centre of this, as well as being stuck in the limbo. Often the officers would comment that they miss them, like sitting in an empty movie theatre. But then also talking about the dreams that they have had. With one of the officers, they click their fingers and say ‘wake up’, which somewhat jolts us awake. The last officer creates hysterical laughter, while continually saying that he is asleep.
Albeit, I was very confused by what was happening, however as these clips rolled over into one after the other, I was expecting the pattern that it followed. I enjoyed the originality at the beginning, however once this pattern was known, I became a little bored of what was happening. I definitely found it to be a comment on cinema.

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