Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle finds it an important aspect of life to be able to disappear at a moments notice, that she should be able to lock the door behind her and become another person entirely, and continue to document and exhibit the most intimate details of her life. Even her mother and father have become parts of her works; she became an artist for her father, as a metaphorical seduction, and she filmed her mother’s deathbed, which was shown at the Venice Biennale), and even making an album for her cat.
One of the main themes throughout her work is that of absence, including that of stolen paintings in a body of art, boyfriends who have left and family members that have died. This theme is presented in delicate books of photograph and text, and video. This all began when she was unable to think of ideas, so she became a psychogeographer, and followed someone while documenting the journey. This led to her documenting hotel rooms, and even getting her own mother to hire a private detective to follow her for two weeks.
Each piece touches upon a personal story, sometimes embarking upon others to interpret these, writing on them, and then re-presenting the stories in this way. This includes the work Take Care of Yourself, in which a boyfriend broke up with Calle over email, and signed it off “Take care of yourself”. This was ten to 107 female professionals to analyse, distorting and blurring Calle’s emotion. Her works are confusingly intimate, but at the same time not. (The Guardian)

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