Eva Rothschild

Eva Rothschild often works with Pexiglas, leather and paper in her Minimalist sculptural works, along with wall-based works and videos. A recurring motif throughout her work is the use of unstable geometric forms, with each piece and element relying upon one another for support.

“Taking on a range of formats, her columns, frames, arches and benches form a fragile union of physical components, in which our experience of them is determines contextually by the temporary groupings the works inhabit for the duration of the exhibition.” – The New Art Gallery Walsall

The context that much of her work is considered in, is the space that the work will be displayed in. After working with the same galleries several times, she often finds it difficult to inspire new works, as she knows how her work was positioned last time. Rothschild uses colour sporadically, often toying with it in the space. The sculptures encapsulate the space, making its physical presence known.
I enjoy the complexity of Rothschild’s work, whereupon each element must be in line, for the others to fall into place. Some of her works structurally work, however when looking at them, they seem like they would fall. It is this wonder of gravity and structure, and the simple use of colour and design, that draws me to her works.

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