Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn is well known for body modifications, such as gloves depicting impossibly long nails and a revealing body-suit with a large horn projecting vertically from the head. This are all accumulated into a flow of performances, films, sculptures, spatial installations, drawings and photographs.
Space is a key factor in her work, including that of the equilibrium between the body and space. There is a particular precision of the physical and the technical functionality in each performance and piece she creates. Many of her works also constrain the body in some respect, making it difficult for the performers to move. It has been said that her work, including those in it, are bound together by a consistency in logic, with each one proceeding from the last.
The lack of movement, or the new sensation of movement, alters the relationship of the performer with the space surrounding. Her works often touch upon the implicit ‘idea that touching makes possible an intimacy between our bodies and those of others’ (Martha Garzon) and the space around you.

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