Untitled [Close Pole] & Untitled [Head Pole]

The next two videos I edited were done in conjunction with each other and prepared to be shown on two separate screens next to one another. Untitled [Head Pole] was a minimally edited copy of Untitled [Pole GoPro]. I decided to have the audio of the pole fitness session on this video, and put the music on Untitled [Close Pole], in order to get the contrasting left and right audio through both of the clips when they play together. I also placed different audio on both of the clips because when playing the videos, if they were slightly out of step then the audio would sound very harsh and unorganised.
I found that the element of music that was added to this series of videos connected this project back to the aspect of music in the Guitar PerformanceUntitled [Singing Film] and the later operas such as Moonlight Dawn. With the element of music, I also found that I was able to connect to the piece more, as these are often songs that are playing during the sessions. This then became very personal because of these aspects.
These were displayed on two LCD TV’s that were stood next to each other. It was difficult to try and get them to play at the same time, however the final edits were still able to portray the complexity and smoothness of movements often found in pole fitness. Having these two videos play on different screens also makes the viewer alternate their attention, depending on the dominant image. Often this was Untitled [Head Pole] as this was the more full video, however when Untitled [Close Pole] did produce images, it did make people look.

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