Untitled [A Pole GoPro Film]

After capturing around 20 minutes of film, I very quickly began to cut out the parts in which I was standing around, figuring out moves and where the moves we completely unclear. With the Go-pro attached to a headband, it was very unattractive, however very stable. Much of the footage looked at the extremities, and I found this difficult to work with. On the other hand, some footage was pointed more towards the feet and the body, allowing the viewing of a more whole-body experience. Mixing these both together allowed me to show the two different sides of pole fitness in terms of movement; sometimes you do just concentrate on your extremities such as where your feet are in an attitude spin, and other times you concentrate on your whole body, such as when inverting into a butterfly position.
The final full edit was around 2 minutes 30 seconds, in order to show a breadth of moves and footage. Although it shows this breadth of movements and sound that can be experienced during pole fitness, I was not completely happy with the length and the quality of the film. This was especially because I had to cut and hack at many of the footage in order to get the best parts, showing the moves.

From here, I then made a shortened version, which was adapted for the final showing. This was a shorter 1 minute and 28 seconds. Both of these videos unfortunately came out quieter than expected, however still managed to show the full scope of pole moves I am currently able to do, along with the audio often heard in pole fitness sessions. I enjoyed watching the moves from this angle, as it is a very different view. Often on sites such as YouTube, you can see where people have strapped cameras to the pole itself, but nothing where the camera is strapped to the person. A part of me is interested in other places on the body that the camera would be able to film from. Unfortunately, due to logistics, if this was done you would not be able to see any of the moves in particular, but only rather the movement of the body.

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