Red Angel Next Steps

To expand on the Red Angel Chinese Opera, I have decided to create another version. I would like this version to be one that is done on my own, as many of the comments about the previous version were about the male actor, his lack of expression in his movements, and how he was obviously wearing an Apple watch. I also felt more comfortable with the idea of performing alone for this piece.
The next opera-inspired poem I decided to write came from the heart, and was somewhat based off of some of my own experiences of love. This is the love of friends, family and partners.
While taking to Chinese Opera, and keeping within the themes and costumes that they design, I also had a look at Chinese love songs, and the way in which love is described in these. The songs included; Tian Mi Mi – As Sweet As HoneyZui Lang Man De Shi – The Most Romantic Thing and Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin – The Moon Represents My Heart. These three songs are all very calming, and contain romantic aspects without specifying love, which is an aspect I want to bring into my writing of my next opera. Once I had found small passages that I wanted to adapt, I was able to create a Script very quickly.
I also felt that I could add music to the mix, allowing larger gaps between some of the speech in order to add in traditional Chinese music. After a long time spent searching on YouTube, I was able to find a 2 hour traditional Chinese track, which bought together over 10 songs, which I was able to pick and choose from. The first nine minutes of this is what I decided to cut into the video. I also changed the speed of each clip, in order to slow, or speed up the sound according to the position in the video that it had.

I decided to take a longer time to think about how I would present myself in the video, including masks, costumes and hairstyles. There was a decision to wear a plan black t-shirt, maybe long-sleeved as not only did I not have time to design, make nor buy an Chinese material or clothing, but also when things are performed off-stage in opera, their costumes are not as elaborate. I also decided to not use any props, as this was very difficult to use in Red Angel. I finally deiced to use one of the same masks as I used last time, as I wanted to portray the same character.

Hair was a large aspect that I needed to change from Red Angel to my new video, as previously there was no emphasis on this. I looked into Chinese Hairstyles, and found a Chinese Princess Hair Tutorial that emphasises the hair, without being overly extravagant – my character is not of wealth, and this is shown in the hair.


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