Maya Lin

Maya Lin finds art wonderful as it is everything that you’ve ever known, coming to form ideas. Lin’s art is large scale art, and she has played the part for the project of the five Foundation, in a tough park. One artwork cannot resolve all of the social problems that this area had. This piece was called Three Stages of Water, as included in the sculpture was solid, gas and liquid, coming into play in separate areas. The rings in the centre of the area were originally going to have water dripping down each one, but this idea quickly morphed into an ice rink. This piece marks a set point in time and also sets back to a certain time in nature.
Lin’s sculptures and works are set in natural phenomena and often look at geometry and formations. She enjoys playing between inside and outside works, trying to capture the landscape in both of these instances. This lead her onto cutting holes, making intricate islands and carving out landscapes in atlases.
A part of Lin’s work is being an artist and being an architect, although she has to be careful with the pieces that she produces. This is shown in the Vietnam memorial that she helped produce – if she had not done this, Lin believes that she may have been called an artist a few years earlier. There is no transition from artist to architect, or architect to artist, but rather a it has taken a body of work to see how she is developing.
I found her work very captivating as the use of the natural forms and also natural materials in works that are often in cities and troubled areas is an interesting juxtaposition.

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