ArtLab Workshop

The ArtLab workshop was used to introduce us to the aspect of 3D scanning and printing and these resources we have within our art department. By using a Sense scanner, with integrated sense programme, a scanner compatible with iPad and Cura (3D printing programme), along with a Cube and WASP Delta 3D printer, we were able to scan multiple objects and rooms, and see one of these come slowly to life in 3D print.
Throughout this workshop, there was also discussion of how we can translate this into an activity, or a workshop in the Tate. There are large debates and copyright infringements if we walk in and simply start scanning the artworks. We were effectively attempting to document the undocumentable. However, by translating this into a different medium, we would mainly avoid this problem. At the same time, we would loose meaning in this translation. We can exhibit the system, exhibit the document and document this translation all through this process.
Voids were also a big part of what we were look at, as you needed to fill in the voids in order for the printer to print a clear model. In many of the scans that we took, both with the iPad and Sense scanner, we had many voids, especially when we were scanning things that were in action.
Another thing we were looking at and constantly thinking about within the workshop was the use of these tools when working with the schools. One activity we thought of was scanning and then drawing from this scan – this could end up as line drawings, figurative drawings, paintings and possibly even further sculptures. Along the way in the schools workshops, there was the idea of creating ‘working’ 3D images using the handheld scanners to make a final story or comic, and possibly be able to 3D print some parts of this. Animations were thought about, however this was at then end of the workshop, and would therefore be something to explore in the future.
I enjoyed this workshop and the way in which it made me think about other uses for both the scanning and the 3D printing. I feel as though I could now easily bring this into my artwork, and working with technology, rather than against it.

Other works and our own from this session can be found on the ArtLab Flickr page.

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