Autumn Assessment 2017 Studio 2

Guitar Performance

During the performance
I feel that my nervous and uncomfortable feelings showed to the audience through my lack of guitar playing. During the performance, however, it was almost as if I didn’t care and I was very much in the moment. Unplanned, I started singing and humming as this is what I would naturally do while playing the guitar. This added a large personal element that wasn’t initially thought about for the performance.
After the performance
I was still very nervous after the performance, however I was happier as it was over. The comments about it included that it was uncomfortable yet somewhat beautiful the sneak peek that they had into my personal life – like they were able to join in with me ‘singing in the shower’. There was also a comment about the beautiful nature of the whole group singing in the middle of the art department – it is not usually a natural thing, however it seemed so at that moment in time. This was an element that I am to take forward into next weeks work.


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[…] Within Guitar Performance, I managed to introduce an uncomfortable and unsettling feeling for those who were in the room with me, as no only did I not care about my own singing and guitar playing, but I also made all of those in the audience, join in. I enjoyed manipulating this element, and want to bring this into my final piece. This is much like the work of Tino Sehgal, where the performers break the 4th wall. The controlling of uncomfortable sensations was also found in Untitled [Singing Film], as those who were in the video were then forced to watch themselves. Inspired by Matthew Barney, Vanessa Beecroft and Sylvie Fleury, I utilised more space, which allowed the performances to become stronger, as I felt more comfortable with the movement. The use of this movement is particularly highlighted within Pole Performance, as I am able to encompass a whole room, creating a new environment within the space, inspired by Pepón Osorio. This is an element I want to continue, as the environment ultimately could make or break the piece. […]

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