Janine Antoni

Janine Antoni uses her body to create fluid artwork – literally. In Milk Performance, Antoni uses her hair to make a trail of milk in different rooms and circumstances including a hallway and a kitchen area. Some works are done with paints and oils. Her work is methodological in the way in which she dips her hair in the milk, moves to the floor, shuffles back and then repeats the process.

The methodological process of the performance is enjoyable to watch as she slowly shuffles her way backwards through the spaces. I personally find the use of milk interesting, especially when someone is proceeding to mop up behind her. The milk is fairly transparent so that you can see the trail, but it is not always obvious, making a path of her journey. I enjoy viewing this journey and the weirdness of the journey with the milk. This performance shows me another way I could draw, using a so-say ‘unconventional’ method. Her other performances are also somewhat beautiful in which her process, rather than the final product, is her art practice.

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