Sylvie Fleury

Each woman that Fleury uses represents almost a cartoon character, and within the works, they each become a musical instrument that can be manipulated. The original idea was to have a woman flicking the pages of a book, and when the pages were turned, have a thunder sound play, and this simply got escalated.
The sound pieces that are used and are very important to the work, where the trans creates the sound. In the interview below, Fleury explains that she loves playing with the characters and their identities, and so she found it interesting to play with music with different identities.

Listening to Fleury’s work produces thought about whom the characters may be, and they are always surprisingly wackier than originally thought. I find that her characters, and the manipulation of the sound to shape the characters in the performance. This manipulation between sound and character would be something that I would like to explore in order to gain a psychological concept of manipulation.

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