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Reading International is a project that is run by the University of Reading School of Art that unites, promotes and commissions with artists and curators whom are given a platform to make new work in response to unique and historical context of Reading and Berkshire. The opening of one of these events ‘The Critic as Artist’ was held on Saturday 7 October 2017, and was open to the public at Reading Museum.
‘The Critic as Artist’ is about Oscar Wilde, the Irish writer and dramatist “who had been a visitor to Reading prior to his imprisonment at Reading Goal, and whose ideas and legend remain startlingly contemporary.” (Reading International)
I was personally able to attend this opening for the exhibition, which included performances by Michael Bracewell, and other visiting artists. I enjoyed watching the performances in a space such as this, and the way the artists conducted themselves within the space. Within the first performance, I was not expecting the gentleman to join in acting, performing as the written piece was spoken. This made for an entertaining performance, as although it seemed very long, we were always captivated by what was happening. I also found it funny that she spoke:

There’s no time for anything. Not even a glass of water.
[Drinks some water]

The two performances that followed, I found to be not as interesting as the first performance. I found these to be non-interactive and very long.

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