Colour workshop

During Spring term week 6, we once again had a week of workshops. To expand my knowledge of painting and the use of different colours and palettes, I thought the colour workshop would be a useful tool. We were introduced to some basic colour theory first of all, which we were able to expand upon in our own works. We were also introduced to some artists that use basic colour theory;

Source: Ellsworthy Kelly – Red Blue Green (1963)

Source: Ellsworth Kelly – Curves on White (2011)

Source: Mark Rothko – No 14 (1960)

Source: Mark Rothko – Orange Red Yellow (1956)

Source: Mark Rothko – Orange Red Yellow (1956)

We initially looked at a colour wheel, primary and secondary colours, and then the gradient of a particular colour that we liked. We also had a look at colours that we do and don’t like. I found that the colours that I do not like, they are individually horrible and not a colour that I would intend to use. However, I soon found that these colours could come together to create a varied palette that I would enjoy using.

We also looked at the four seasons, and the colours and paintbrush expressions that we may use. These go from spring, to summer, autumn, then winter. I found that I could portray spring, summer and autumn well using traditional colours that are thought to go with these seasons, but I could not think of what colours would portray winter. As I find it often a bleak time of year, I looked at a darker colour palette.

Lastly, we had a look at emotions, colour and expression. There was anger, joy, tranquillity, and love, among other feelings. The colours that I used were the ones that I initially felt that I should used (I trusted my gut instinct in this). I didn’t particularly enjoy this as I could not determine the colour or expression that I should use, because I was not in that mood at the time.

Overall, I really enjoyed this workshop, and I feel that it has opened up my mind to other colour palettes and techniques that I could use within my own future paintings.

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