Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Parker’s work has been concerned with formalising things beyond our control, containing the volatile and making it into something that is quiet and contemplative like in the ‘eye of the storm’. This links incredibly closely to the piece that attracted me to her work – Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View.

This piece is of a shed being blown up, and hanging in the moment of suspension and calm just after the bomb was detonated (by Cornelia herself at a British Army base). The materials include wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, paper, textile and wire, and took something domestic and changed the entire meaning of it.

I enjoy viewing this piece because of its calmness and serenity, even though it is a blown up shed with sharp angles and points. The single light bulb in the centre of the installation creates shadows that you may not have realised would have been there, if you were viewing a blown up shed, and I find that they are as much of the piece as the installation itself.

Sources: TateFrith Street GalleryChisenhaleTate

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