Boyle Family

The Boyle Family is a group of collaborative artists based in London. Mark Boyle and Joan Hills met in Harrogate, Yorkshire in 1957. After working for some time on separate visual art pieces, they decided to move on into a natural collaboration and agreed that the art should not exclude anything as a potential subject.

From very early on, Mark and Joan’s children, friends, and family, got involved in the preparation of up-and-coming shows. Sebastian and Georgia, Mark and Joan’s children, soon began to work with their parents in the studio, and slowly but surely, they all began to work collaboratively to create artwork.

Their work looks at throwing a pin, or a dart, at a map, and wherever this lands, they would travel to that exact place. When there, they would extensively research that part of the land, collecting data about the soil and the weather, in order to recreate the condition of the soil when they returned to their studio. This has created some rather interesting pieces, and has allowed the Boyle family, and those who view their exhibitions, to see similarities and differences in the soil across the globe.

Sources: Boyle family

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