This film is about the parents throwing a birthday party and the children planned to reveal one of the largest family secrets. Within this film, the use of light is natural only. This is something that we wish to recreate in our film in order for the series of events to be natural – the only fake light would be in the bathroom and when the feet go to bed, and the side lamp gets switched off at night.

The use of minimalism within this film is also something that we wanted to recreate as we did not want a massively complicated film – just the story of a girl on a normal Saturday of going on a date and then going out for the night.

FESTEN’s minimalism has been a refreshing variation in a year that has seen the release of a dozen films, which have no life outside of their special effects. Evidently, international film festival juries agree; in addition to success as an official entry at the Toronto and New York festivals, FESTEN was co-winner of the Jury Prize at Cannes.

Source: albany

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