Rachel Maclean

Rachel Maclean is a bit of a whacky artist that was suggested for me, for reasons I cannot quite remember. Her website www.rachelmaclean.com shows this from the start and particularly in the video Germs. This was the video that was pointed out to me, and honestly, while watching it, I was somewhat scared, however it pointed out some very valid points to me – commercialisation. Commercialisation seems to be everywhere we go and it is strange to think that we have to submit to this every day, and without realisation. I think the only way to really get this is to watch the video yourself (the link is above).


Source: whitechapelgallery

I’m not sure whether I can say that I like or dislike her work as I feel a little uncomfortable, however,, the pointing out of commercialism in such a way makes me like this particular piece of work. I am still undecided as a whole.

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