Lights. Camera. ACTION!

Back to Uni and we were thrown straight back into art with video art. Video art isn’t just a movie, it’s using a moving image to put across an idea such as you would in a painting. See Pipilotti Rist (and also Hold Up – Beyoncé) for a visual representation of this.

In our groups, we needed to discuss and develop an idea for a film – everything from style to content and aesthetic. There are 6 of us in total in our group in order to create a maximum four minute video; Georgia, Romaisa, Hadis, Layal, Iqra and myself. We were told that we would need someone to:

  • Be in charge of writing a script (Georgia)
  • Be in charge of creating a storyboard (Romaisa, Hadis)
  • Be in charge of sourcing/making costumes and props (Layal, Iqra, Georgia)
  • Be in charge of filming and camera operating (All)
  • Be in charge of editing in the editing suite (Georgia)
  • Be in charge of making/recording and editing a soundtrack (Romaisa, Charlotte)

We decided on parts that we would play, for example script writer, filmer etc, but then we realised that in reality, we will all be on hand to help with each individual part of film making.

To start thinking about our ideas, we began thinking about our own favourite movies, or TV shows, and we had everything from Sherlock to Beauty and The Beast to The Diving Bell and The Butterfly.

  • Sherlock
  • The Maker
  • Me, Earl and the dying girl
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Keeping up with the Joneses (II)
  • Rush Hour
  • Diving Bell and The Butterfly
The Beauty and the Beast idea – Georgia


From this, we threw some initial ideas down about different aspects of our favourite films into a mindmap so we could take some of those aspects into our own video.

  • Emotions – maybe using music to trigger this
  • Filmed at floor level
  • Repetition of scenes
  • Slowing down the film
  • Twists, plots – comedic
  • (Clockwork Orange) Sockwork Orange – Purposefully bad films based on other films
  • Objects in different places – from different films?
  • Dance scene – different sets of shoes
  • Victoria (international film)
  • Flashback
  • Reinterpret the past
  • Simulation view
  • Visually artistic
  • Animation and film blended – blue umbrella – animated crockery and household objects
  • Time symbolism – slow motion – speed
  • Trailer?
  • Cartoony-idealistic town
  • Setting remains the same
  • Surrealism thoughts e.g. Inception
  • Husband and wife being spies v.s. normality – facade
  • Blinking
  • Hand coming up to face
  • Changing of scene
  • Shaking of the head
  • Hair falling over eyes
  • Feet moving across the camera (like it is on the floor and people dance/walk past)
  • Someone falling – all the different images with flashes of falling – interview switching the movement



All of a sudden, we came up with an idea. Feet. You ask, why? We ask, why not? The idea is to follow a pair of feet through a journey, instead of following someone traditionally.

We came up with a large list of things that we wanted to include which are inspired by the films that we mentioned earlier. The changes that we made during the listing of these aspects were also inspired by the genres of the films mentioned and also by what happens in them.

  • Black and white surrounding – red shoes/toe nails
  • Following feet
  • Getting out of bed
  • Shower
  • Cat circling feet
  • Dancing – tap dancing, ballroom dancing
  • Slippers
  • Tiptoes
  • Interation
  • Dropping of a bad – bullets/gun/mysterious object rolling out
  • Getting back in bed
  • Mushing of food/tomato
  • Stepping on a slug
  • Dropping of an egg on the floor – kitchen
  • In different environments
  • Toes wiggling in carpet
  • Stretching
  • Splashes
  • Reflections
  • Hallucinations
  • Marbles/tripping over
  • Stepping in something nasty
  • Pole dancing?
  • Credits: Panorama of the bedroom, 6 pairs of shoes in a line against the wall. Each name above/below a pair of shoes
  • Dropping of a gun cartridge

We then began to write the story board and rough ideas of what we wanted to do throughout the film and what our underlying theme was. Not only was the underlying theme feet, but we also began to realise that we were describing the average day that which we all have – walking around the University, running through puddles, dropping things, tapping feet – and coincidentally, these are the aspects that we wanted to add to the film.

Through the use of a group chat, we also came up with the ideas of;

  • Anything with splashes (drops, puddles)
  • Bike rides on wet roads
  • Hallucinating
  • Falling over or falling over drunk, and the camera falls with it

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