The Lindisfarne Gospels

Gospels recounts the life of Jesus of Nazareth and his teachings, much like in the Bible. Several gospels have been written by disciples of Jesus during the centuries that followed his death. Only four of these were authorised to be included in the Christian Bible by the Council of Nicaea and these were attributed to St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke and St John, also known as the four Evangelists.

The Lindisfarne Gospels is the “legacy of an artist monk living in Northumbria in the early eighth century is a precious testament to the tenacity of Christian belief during one of the most turbulent periods of British history. Costly in time and materials, superb in design, the manuscript is among out greatest artistic and religious treasures. It was made and used in Lindisfarne Priory on hold Island, a major religious community that house the shrine of St Cuthbert, who died in 687.” Source:

I found it fascinating that the whole book, the images, writing, binding and pages, was all created by hand in order to pass on the word of Jesus and Christianity. The incredible detail on each page is mesmerising, and you can easily imagine how long each page, let alone the whole book, took to make and finish.

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