Writing About Imaginary Artwork

I really did struggle with creating this piece of text, and so I took inspirations from childhood stories. These were not my own but rather the memories of family, as I personally do not enjoy writing about my own memories as they are incredibly personal. However basing this on others memories, I have been able to only take a small element of their memory and then make the piece my own (Credits to Daniel Snipe for the memory and inspiration).

After having this memory for a week or so, I had no where to begin, until this morning, where I sat down at my laptop, and just wrote. There were a few alterations to create the finished product, but I just wrote and wrote and wrote, until I had written 245 words, and I had a completed piece.

I am also really interested in how this will be interpreted as there is many various ways of doing so. I personally envisioned having the last ‘scene’ painted, so you were the child on the floor and the painting was of the ceiling, with the lights and the plane. But shh, the one who will get my text will not know how I envisioned it, but rather how they envisioned it. Good luck painting! (Below is my written text about my imaginary artwork)


Source: Handout from week 7

Conceptual Art Writing Exercise

I can’t often remember my childhood, but you know certain memories that stick out in your mind? Well this is one of mine.

I don’t remember the age that I was or which house we were living in at the time, but the plane spinning round and round in circles, like a teddy bear, was always my favourite. It was just a simple toy plane made out of balsawood, but normally looked like new pine with a very fine grain. It span in circles thanks to the rubber band, or piece of string, I could never tell, attached to a little silent thingy that made it spin round and round and round and round. Papa would come and wind it up and set it off on another adventure to places far, far away. Off to Wonderland, to Neverland, maybe even Dreamland.

One night, there were stars above the plane that went round and round. This was incredibly exciting, and very new to me, and I ran down to tell Mama, but she was asleep. So I went back upstairs and distinctly remember staring up above, watching the new night time adventures of the little people on the plane. I must have fallen asleep because when I awoke, Mama and Papa were laid down with me, where we all went on an adventure, where the stars were burning bright and the little plane went round and round and round, up above, to places far, far away.

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