Emma Talbot


There is no particular order to which Emma Talbot puts her images to form her artwork. They end up looking like somewhat organised comics or decorative rugs, much like Bayeux Tapestry. The stories depicted in these works are her own experiences which are often tender, intimate moments. She has been heard to say that she wants no sympathy from this, but just wants to let people know that they are not alone in their struggles. The faces too are impersonal and so it is the body language of the character that we look at an interpret.

The colour palette that which she has used is what I find to be the most interesting. She uses the colour palette and materials of the bits and pieces that her children had left around including biros and coloured pens. These were the first materials that she found when she gave up completely and started as an artist.


Source: Petrarinck Galerie




Source: Patratinck Galerie


Source: Blogspot.com


Source: Emmatalbot.org.uk


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