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Neutral typeface or authoritarian? Many people believe that some companies hide behind the Helvetica typeface. It may be clean and structured but the companies and those using it may be using dodgy dealings, which has rendered the companies and also the Helvetica typeface as untrustworthy. In the early 1990’s, designers started to lose faith in Helvetica, in modernism, in homogeneous internationalism, for these exact reasons. There was a new search for the particular, for the culturally specific and for an expression of the individual. We wanted something different.


Source: David Carson

It has also been mentioned that just because it is legible, such as the typefaces of Helvetica, it doesn’t mean it can communicate, or if it can communicate, it can communicate the right thing. Paula Scher found herself morally opposed to Helvetica as she found is symbolised the Authoritarian Capitalist Hierarchy. She followed the postmodern approach in the fact that type can have spirit and convey mood and it is its own palette of expression. This raises an important fact that typography is its own art form and convey mood, expression, just like all other artworks, and every typeface has a history which can have an impact on your piece.


Source: David Carson


Source: David Carson


Source:David Carson


Source: David Carson


Source: David Carson


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