José Guadalupe Posada

Political prints

How much do you have to know about the art history background to understand the image? There was also a large sense of mocking morality through these images produced, especially seen in The Dance of Death, Gran fandango y francachela de todos los calaveras, where the characters of the image are not reluctant to take part.

I find these images very details as the skeletons do not seem out of proportion, and yet the longer I find myself looking at these artworks, the more I want to say that they are out of proportion. I also like the comical and ironic side of these artworks as for me they almost tease death, like here I am, but you can’t get me.


Sources: Gran fandango y francachela de todos los calaveras José Guadalupe PosadaCalavera Catrina José Guadalupe PosadaGran calavera eléctrica José Guadalupe PosadaLos Siete Vicios José Guadalupe Posada


Source: Cyclists

Source: Frankzumbach wordpress


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